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The CMT Board’s main function is to deal with strategic and institutional issues, relevant to the firm in its relationship with the market, customers, society and public bodies. It consists of a total of 07 (seven) members, with the 03 (three) founding members as permanent members and 04 (four) members elected from among the members every 02 (two) years. The composition of the CMT Board seeks a diversity of ideas and experiences, in order to allow heterogeneous contributions, with innovative and creative solutions for complex themes aligned with the Office’s mission, values ​​and culture. The partner Cristiano Carvalho serves as Board Chairman.

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Cristiano Carvalho

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Rafael Bicca Machado

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Luciano Benetti Timm

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Gabriela Cabral Pires

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George Rodrigues

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Sabrina Raabe de Sá

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Tatiana Junqueira Ruiz

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CMT Lawyers occupies a prominent and leading position in the area of ​​business law, with a growing presence and distinction in the main business centers of the country, recognized by the main national and international publications of law firm rankings, such as Chambers & Partners, Legal 500 and Análise Advocacia and Chambers & Partners as one of the best law firms in the south of the country in business law.


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