Marcelo L. F. de Macedo Bürger

Marcelo Luiz Francisco de Macedo Bürger

Practice Areas

Marcelo has been working in the family and succession area since 2011 in all its instances and specialties, both in the preventive area and in the structuring of succession planning, preparation of prenuptial agreements and family contracts, as well as in the litigation area, having acted in several judicial litigations both in family area as in successions. With interdisciplinary training, he is a master and doctoral candidate in Civil Law at the Federal University of Paraná (UFPR) and a specialist in Tax Law (IBET). In addition to his practice in law, he is a professor of Civil Law at Centro Universitário Curitiba (UniCuritiba) and a guest professor in postgraduate courses at other institutions across the country.

  • Doctoral student in Law – Federal University of Paraná – UFPR (in progress)
  • Master of Laws – Federal University of Paraná – UFPR (2016)
  • Post-Graduation in Tax Law – Brazilian Institute of Tax Studies – IBET (2014)
  • Post-Graduation in Contemporary Law – Universidade Positivo (2012)
  • Bachelor of Law, Centro Universitário Curitiba (2011)
  • Successive competition of the spouse and partner and testamentary succession. 1. ed. Morrisville: LuluPress, 2019 (co-authored with Felipe Frank)
    Introduction of Succession Law and Legitimate Succession. 1. ed. Morrisville: LuluPress, 2019
  • Inheritance petition, inventory, sharing and transmission taxes. 1. ed. Morrisville: LuluPress, 2019


Book Chapters
  • Economic Analysis of Intellectual Property: Commons VS. Anticommons. Intellectual property. Arraes Editores (2011)

Book Organization
  • BÜRGER, Marcelo L. F. de Macedo; GRISARD FILHO, W. (Org.); PEREIRA, R. C. (Org.). Family and Succession Law. 1. ed. Belo Horizonte: IBDFAM, 2017. v. 1. 478p.

Book chapters and articles
  • BÜRGER, Marcelo L. F. de Macedo; CORREA, R.. From brushes to algorithms: the ownership of artistic and creative expressions resulting from the application of artificial intelligence. In: Marcos Ehrhardt Júnior, Marcos Catalan, Pablo Malheiros. (Org.). Civil law and technology. 1ed.Belo Horizonte: Forum, 2020, v. 1, p. -.
  • BÜRGER, Marcelo L. F. de Macedo; XAVIER, M. P.. Common sense analysis on the basis for calculating food based on the decisions of the Superior Court of Justice. In: FACHIN, Luiz Edson (et. Al.). (Org.). Brazilian civil jurisprudence: methods and problems. 1ed.Belo Horizonte: Forum, 2017, v. , for. 39-78.
  • BÜRGER, Marcelo L. F. de Macedo. Stepfathers / Stepmothers and their stepchildren: quid juris ?. In: OLIVEIRA, Eloete Camilli; MACEI, Demetrius Nichele. (Org.). Studies in honor of Professor Waldyr Grisard Filho. 1ed.Curitiba: Instituto Memória, 2017, v. 1, p. 55-81.
  • BÜRGER, Marcelo L. F. de Macedo. The application of the Maria da Penha Law to cases of domestic violence against transsexuals: delimitation of the hypothesis of incidence from instruments of philosophy. In: BÜRGER, Marcelo L. F. de Macedo; GRISARD FILHO, Waldyr. (Org.). Family and Succession Law. Belo Horizonte: IBDFAM, 2017, v. , for. 35-49.
  • BÜRGER, Marcelo L. F. de Macedo. Guard, coexistence and food in homoparental families. In: Maria Berenice Dias. (Org.). Sexual Diversity and Homoaffective Law. São Paulo: Revista dos Tribunais, 2017, v. 1, p. 233-256.
  • BÜRGER, Marcelo L. F. de Macedo. The various faces of justice: notes on the multiple roles assumed by the judiciary and what is expected of it in the future. In: André Peixoto; Tiago Gagliano Pinto Alberto. (Org.). Contemporary Issues of Law. 1ed.Curitiba: Latin American Institute of Legal Argumentation – ILAAJ, 2015, v. , for. 61-79.
  • BÜRGER, Marcelo L. F. de Macedo; HAPNER, A. A. M. A.. Civil Liability and Family Law: the comings and goings of a conflictual relationship. Current and relevant themes of Civil Liability. 1ed.Curitiba: Instituto Memória, 2014, v. , for. 55-72.
  • Brazilian Bar Association (OAB/PR)

  • National President of the Academic Relations Commission of the Brazilian Institute of Family Law (IBDFAM)

  • Vice-President of the Brazilian Institute of Family Law – Paraná Section

  • Consultant member of the Special Commission on Sexual and Gender Diversity of the Federal Council of the OAB

  • Coordinating member of the Family Law Commission of the OAB/PR

  • Member of the Brazilian Institute of Studies in Civil Liability (IBERC)

  • English (fluent)

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